Vital statistics
Name Satan
Kana サタン
Hepburn Satan
First Appearance Devilman Grimoire
Physical attributes
Species  ???
Powers Resurrection. flight, hand rays
Alignment Evil
For other versions of this character see:
Satan (Disambiguation)
Satan was a character from Devilman Grimoire. Unlike their other counterparts, they are not leaders of the demons and have no ties to Zennon or Psycho Jenny; merely acting as a placeholder threat. In spite of their similar appearances, they also have no ties to the Asuka of this series. They plotted to defeat Amon alongside Medoc and Faim.


Satan is identical to their original counterpart, having both breasts and a penis, twelve massive golden wings, brown eyes, and yellow hair with spiked sideburns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Satan could fly using their wings, emit large powerful rays from their hands, and could heal themself after enduring even serious injuries.




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