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Vital statistics
Name Satan, Ryo Asuka
Kana サタン
Hepburn Satan
First Appearance Devilman: The Birth
Physical attributes
Species Angel
Powers Many Psychic Abilities, able to fire powerful beams of light from hands, Flight
Alignment Neutral
For other versions of this character see:
Satan (Disambiguation)

Satan is the secondary protagonist and later the antagonist of the Devilman OVA series. Going by the human name Ryo Asuka, he helps his friend Akira Fudo gain the powers of a demon to become Devilman.


As Ryo he was a handsome and well built boy in his late teens, he had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. In his real form as an Angel, he had twelve large white wings, and was intersex.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Satan possessed a great and vast range of powers, even as Ryo he was an expert survivalist and fighter. This was perhaps best shown in that he survived feats that would normally have killed a regular human. He was able to fly with his wings and could fire powerful bolts of light from his hands capable of causing widespread destruction. He also had various psychic abilities being able to manipulate those around him.


Satan had a misguided sense of justice, they hated their own race, the Angels, for trying to wipe out the demon race simply due to finding them impure. However after they awoke from their hibernation to see what humans had done to the world, they became like those they hated, and attempted to wipe out humanity, only realizing their mistake when it was far too late. He also cared deeply for his friend Akira Fudo and whilst it is never explicitly said, it is clear in the third OVA that Satan has now fallen in love with him.



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