Rdevilman lady 007 164
Vital statistics
Name Seiji
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Canine
Powers None
Alignment Good

Seiji was the pet dog of Seiji Hayami, staying at his home and making a few sporadic appearances Devilman Lady manga's Vlava arc.


Seiji was a small dog with a white pelt. His exact breed is never actually stated, but he resembles a Shiba Inu, a popular Japanese breed of dog.


Seiji was used by his owner Seiji Hayami to help create the illusion that Jun Fudo was an ordinary woman living on her own when Mr. Boris of the Grumech Embassy sent an agent to spy on her. Jun frequently cuddled the dog saying how cute he was much to the jealousy of his owner.

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