Sirene was a beautiful female demoness and she was the primary antagonist in the second OVA Devilman: The Demon Bird.


Sirene had the body of a voluptuous young woman, she had blue eyes and small sharp teeth. At the sides of her head were two large wings decorated with white feathers. She had a pair of small antenna on her forehead. She had some feathers covering her crotch area and a bird tail behind. Her arms and legs formed into large bird claws with black talons.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sirene was able to fly with her wings and could fight hand to hand with her claws. She was able to teleport and use telekinesis to levitate objects. She could fire of her hands like rockets which could impale near anything.

When she had fused with Kaim her powers and his combined allowed for her two fire off powerful bolts from Kaim's horns and was able to impale with the horns also.


Sirene was different than a majority of her peers, while she was a proud and deadly warrior who thought nothing of humanity, she had no real hatred for them and only specifically targeted Akira Fudo and his loved ones, as she blames them for taking her loved one from her. This made her want to take out her revenge on Akira for having taken over Amon's body and power, but she was not inherently evil.