Snowtail was one of several rabbit's kept at Akira Fudo's school.


Snowtail was a typical rabbit with pale brown fur, a white underbelly, and large brown eyes.


Devilman: The Birth:Edit

Akira Fudo discovered Snowtail in his hutch amongst the bodies of the other two rabbits with their throats torn out. Fudo coddled Snowtail only to be attacked from behind by Masa Bokuto's gang. Its revealed the other two rabbits were killed for target practice, as one of the thugs attempts to take Snowtail from Fudo. Defiantly, Akira refuses to hand it over and is beaten for his refusal. Luckily however, Miki Makimura comes by and chases Masa's gang away.

Devilman: The Demon Bird:Edit

During the credit role for the second OVA, Snowtail can be sleeping at the bottom of Kensaku Makimura 's bed, seemingly having been adopted by the family after the other rabbits were killed.


  • Snowtail was only ever named in the American dub of the OVA, leaving the cannonicity of the name up to debate.