Vital statistics
Name Stephanie
First Appearance Shin Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers Unknown
Alignment Good
Stephanie was a minor character from Shin Devilman, she was a beautiful young girl who's husband died at war.


Stephanie was a beautiful German girl in her late teens, she had long curled hair and brown eyes.


Stephanie was married to a German solider who died in a war, after this she was kidnapped by the demon Schultz. Later after Schultz discovers that Stephanie had another lover named Adolf who had painted a picture of her, Schultz bought the picture however after giving Adolf too much for it he runs back to return the excess pay, however once there he finds Schultz destroying the painting with Stephanie crying in the corner, Schultz grabs her just as Adolf bursts in, seeing this Schultz transformed into his demon disguise and kills Stephanie by setting her on fire.

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