Takeo Uno
DLADY03 051
Vital statistics
Name Takeo Uno
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers None
Alignment Neutral
Takeo Uno was Kyoji Okuda's underling and a minor character in Devilman Lady.


Takeo was a large built teen, with short black curly hair and a flat ugly face.


Takeo was rather unintelligent and enjoyed causeing trouble with Kyoji, however when Kyoji put forward the idea of kidnapping and rapeing their teacher Jun, he drew the line.


Takeo was allways seen with his freind Kyoji who called all the shots, he would often tease and cause trouble for the shy student Mita who was several years younger then them. When questioned by Jun they both laughed and got away with their bullying mostly thanks to Kyoji's intimidation.

A few nights on however the two of them are in a resturant and Kyoji who had taken a fancy to Jun, suggests they kidnap her and rape her, disgusted by this Takeo leaves and goes home, however by the time he reaches his door, Mita who had transformed into a spider like monster comes down and decapitates Takeo.

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