Tetsuya was originally a member of Dosu-Roku and Masa's gang. However after his near death thanks to Zann, he joins with Akira Fudo and assists him in his fight against the demon race. He has a more expanded role in the Amon manga.


Tetsuya was one of the tallest members of the gang, He was well built and muscled. He had a gaunt face. He had several scars across his face and body and short black hair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tetsuya possessed no special powers due to remaining human. He was however a keen and very strong fighter, normally using razor blades in combat and was somewhat worryingly experienced with explosives.


Tetsuya came across as somewhat gruff and cold, due to his rugged appearance and being in a gang. He was however loyal to his other gang members and more especially Akira Fudo. He was seemingly closest to Manjiro out of the gang.



Tetsuya is first seen confronting Akira Fudo late one night after school, he along with Masa, Manjiro, Meriken-Jo after he had previously beaten up Dosu-Roku. They challenge him to a fight, ignoring Dosu-Roku as he tried to talk them out of it. But all end up knocked out in a matter of seconds, with Tetsuya sprawled and hanging over the fence. When they awaken however they are confronted by a strange girl who offers them a chance to beat him. Confused by what she meant they reluctantly agree. With that dozens of horrific spiders burst from the girls skin and attach themselves to the gang.

The group possessed confront Akira and Miki in a classroom. As they attack him, Akira takes out the spiders controlling them. After wiping the blood from his head Akira tells them that they had been possessed. Grateful for being saved and seeing the remains of the girl, Tetsuya and the others team up with Akira. They fight against the controlled sports team and the puppetmaster Rasber with Akira killing him. Tetsuya is not seen much after this and has little speaking roles. 

Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman Edit

Tetsuya plays a more active role, helping in the fight against the Demon Special Investigation Team and falling in battle.


  • Tetsuya never appears in the OVA's however Masa has facial scars very similar to Tetsuya.