Texsch was a minor female squid like demon who served as a minor antagonist in the manga Devilman.


Texsch was a large cephalopod-like demon and had two long and powerful tentacles for her arms, five tentacles along her head, and two large tentacles on her breasts. Her head has a pair of blank eyes that are probably used to mislead as the eye she uses to see is on her crotch area.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Texsch had strong skin that was durable enough to resist bullet fire. Her tentacles along with her great strength allowed her to pick up objects as large and heavy as a car. The tentacles however can be cut off with a knife.


As Akira and Ryo are driving back from Ryo's home in his car, they are attacked by several demons, one of which being Texsch. Texsch grabs onto the roof of the car and tries to crush it, Akira reluctantly tries to kill her by shooting her in the head. But before he was able to, Texsch tries to strangle him with a tentacle. Ryo cuts off the tentacle with a knife, then shoots her in the head himself. Texsch starts to laugh and falls from the car. She quickly gets back up and chases them back into Ryo's home. Texsch smashes through the window and hunts them down through the house but loses them when Ryo and Akira go into the Black Sabbath party Ryo had hidden in the house.


  • Texsch was originally going to have a figure made of her by Fewture Models but she and the rest of the fourth season were cancelled.
    • A Texsch figure was also advertised to be released by Marmit that was also canceled.
  • In the Devilman TV series there is another demon similar to Texsch called Mugaruu a female cephalopod demon who hypnotize enemies. It's unlikely that she was based on Texsch when looking at the original concept art, it may be possible however that Mugaruu was stylized to closer resemble Texsch.
    • Mugaruu and possibly Texsch were an inspiration for Youko Suzuki a female cephalopod Devil Beast from Devilman Lady who had the ability to hypnotize her foes but with an appearance very close to Texsch.
    • In the Mazinger Angels crossover, Mugaruu is styled as a cross between Texsch and Mugaruu.