Texsch is a female octopus-like demoness that appeared in the original manga alongside Illuge. Her rather striking design has meant that she has appeared in several different series and adaptations.

  • Texsch (Manga): A squid-like devil that attempted to kill Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka along with her birdy freind Illuge.
  • Texsh (OVA): With a much more gastly appearence now in place, Texsch does the same as in the manga, only working with a spider demon named Gardalza instead.
  • Texsch (Grimoire): In this series, she appeares several times throughout the series in small cameo roles and seems to display some slight lesbian tendancies. She ends up being dismembered by Miki.
  • Texsch (Gekiman): The squid devil returns and follows the same role as she did in the original manga. 

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