The Three Eye Brothers
Vital statistics
Name Gande, Gandi, Ganda
First Appearance Devilman (TV): Ep 10
Physical attributes
Species Demons
Powers Various
Alignment Evil

The Three Eye Brothers where a group of demons who appeared in episode 10 of the original anime.


While appearances varied among them, Gande had a single eye, Gandi has two and Ganda had three. They all had a pink/red color scheme and had a flower like basis.


The Three Eye Brothers consisted of Gande the eldest and the leader, Gandi and Ganda (who is female). They were sent by Zennon to kill Devilman and left as soon as they got word. They had a plan to each battle with Devilman so they got an idea of his most powerful attacks but they underestimated him and were all killed after being blinded by the Devil Light.

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