Vital statistics
Name Tiana
First Appearance Shin Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers None
Alignment Good

Tiana was a young Native Indian girl of the Cheyenne Tribe, she made friends with Akira and Ryo during their time jumps, sadly she met her end at the hands of an American soldier.


Tiana was a pretty girl in her late teens, she had dark hair tied in bunches and wore a feather above her right ear.


Tiana was friendly and high tempered, she was quickly made friends with both Ryo and Akira, and quickly developed feelings for Ryo, constantly flirting with him with little success.


Tiana met Akira and Ryo after they materialise in 19th Century America. Over the weeks she makes friends with the two of them, and develops sexual feelings for Ryo. The feelings are not returned however, even after several attempts at seducing him.

Tragically Tiana was present when her camp was attacked by soldiers led by General Custer. Tiana is caught by one of them and stripped naked before she is brutally raped, with swords pushed through her arms to hold her down. She later dies from the blood-loss.

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