The Titans
Vital statistics
Name The Titans
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Titans
Powers Unknown
Alignment Neutral

The Titans were a race of beings created by God, before both Demons and Humans. In appearance the Titans all resemble gigantic muscular humans. They possess massive physical strength, but have no other known powers.


The Titans were all giant in size all resemble muscular men or women with long unkempt hair.


Titans was created by God during the Age of Formless Chaos when the laws of the universe was not yet fixed and they are said to have been the first race to walk the earth. They eventually rebelled against God, but lost the battle. As punishment God bound them to the lower levels of Hell where they stayed until Dante freed them when he himself escaped Hell, after having consumed and merged with Ryo Utsugi.

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