Tollg is a small orange acid spewing like demon that appears in various Devilman series often as a host for the young teen known as Mico.


Tollg is a small demon that resembles coral mixed with a sea horse with a body shape similar to that of Agwel. He has two heads, one of which is positioned on his midsection. When he was fused with either Atai or Mico one of his heads is seen poking out near the crotch area with its features spreading up their body and their breasts each being dominated by two suckers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like all demons Tollg has the ability to fuse with other creatures or objects, however his main form of attack is his ability to spew acid from its mouth.


While never having more than a few lines of dialogue in the Amon manga, it is apparent that he had little empathy and would often forcibly try and take over a body. However he is not very imposing as he is unable to take over a full body and loses control of his host body rather easily. Yet, he seems to take some form of comfort in some of his hosts shown when he stayed with Atai until she died from her wounds.



In the original Devilman manga Tollg is first seen attached to the teen girl named Mico. The girl believes it to be a punishment of God for her crimes that she only really committed in peer pressure from her friends. Later when the same "Friends" attack Mico for leaving their gang by ripping off her clothes, however they are immediately attacked by Tollg who sprays them with its acid melting them. At some point after this, Mico and Tollg were imprisoned by the Demon Busters, who cruelly restrained her and used electric shocks to gain samples of Tollg's acid. Later Tollg and Mico join Akira and the Devilman Corps.

Amon: The Darkside of the DevilmanEdit

Tollg is seen several times whenever Mico is seen naked. However, it not until the introduction of Atai does he become somewhat more important. When Atai is possessed by Ashura its assumed that Tollg is also possessed as when Atai is instructed to go and kill Sirene. Tollg is seen using his acid powers against her even and managing to melt both of Kaim's horns when he tried to protect Sirene. However when Atai is sadly killed by being cut in half by Kaim only so he could defend Sirene, Tollg reattaches to Atai's body before detaching from Atai's dead body complimenting that he felt comfortable with her.


  • Tollg never had an official toy of himself alone as he is always attached to the Mico figures; in the Fewture Models figure however he is detachable.
  • In Re: Cutie Honey Tollg and Mico have a brief cameo alongside many other Go Nagai girls.