Unnamed Bat Demoness
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Neo Devilman: Story 4
Physical attributes
Species Flight
Powers Good
Alignment Unknown
The Unnamed Bat Demoness is a minor character from the fourth story of Neo Devilman.


She had a near humanoid appearence, she had large eyes and a small layer of sharp teeth, large ears and a stubby nose. Her body is coverd in fur and she had two large wing under her arms. She also had a short tail.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

The Demoness is shown to be capable of flight, but seems to be weak in any conflict.


She is seen in a one sided battle with a larger stronger demon who had caught her in its jaws, however Agira comes along and shoots the demon in the head, the Bat Demoness thanks him and asks if they could travel together. After a few moments silence, Agira says he wanted her wings and cuts one of them off and fuses it to himself, leaveing the Bat demoness screaming in pain.

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