The Unnamed Crab Demon was a minor character seen in the opening of the The Birth.


The demon had a large red and pink shell covering his body. He had several heads, one on its crotch and two on small antenna with another pair of smaller antenna behind, and a final head on the main body. He has six long legs and two claws, the right of claw being far larger than the other.


He was shown to possesses great strength in his claws capable of tearing a foe in half.


He was among the many demons that ambushed the descending Angels. He plucks one of the out the sky and pulls it in half with his claws. It's unknown if he survived the attack from the Angels or if he went into hibernation.


  • For some reason, an illustration of the demon was included in the art book, THE DEVILMAN. Unfortunately it was one of the few not given a name.