The Unnamed Feline Devilbeast was a minor antagonist in the Devilman Lady ark Demon Beast Hunter.


She had the body of a young girl, her arms formed into claws resembling a cat with her head resembling a cat, with large sharp teeth and white pupiless eyes, her entire body is covered in hair, and is at its longest on her back.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is shown to be very fast and could leap long distances in single bounds, her teeth and claws could also have been used for combat.


One day a unnamed man comes back from hunting after not having found anything, however as he is leaving he hears a rustling in some bushes, suddenly the Feline Devilbeast leaps from them, however the man proves to quick and shoots her at close range with a shotgun, the Devilbeast leaps of further into the forest, the man follows it alongside his dog Jonnie, he finds the creature and almost immediately it leaps at him, however he shoots it in the chest with his shotgun twice at close range killing it, however when it reverts back into a human the man starts to panic, but he vows that he will kill all of the demon beasts.