The Unnamed Pervert Devilman was a train molester and was a Devilman in the early stages of becoming a Devilbeast


Before his transformation he was in his middle ages, he also had a striking resemblance to Jun Fudo's boss Mr. Nemoto, something he uses to his advantage. However his powers made it possible for him to transform into any person he wanted as well as alter his voice to fit his appearance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He could alter his body into anyone he wanted, and his bodily fluids could stun any it came into contact with.


The man is first seen on a train, he attempts to grope a girls breasts. However his hand suddenly changes, he hides it immediately and flees the train as soon as possible.

Much later on in having apparently now mastered his bizarre ability he starts to lift up a girls skirt however before he could paralyse her she notice and starts to scream, he quickly flees and runs through the station. The girl calls on a policeman who follows however he changes his appearance to that of a young man, when the officer catches up to him he is shocked to see a different man and so he goes in the other direction thinking he missed him. Later however he has more success using his sweat to paralyse a girl and started to grope her, when the train came to the station he left and the girl stumbles to her knees.

Later in a restaurant he spies Jun talking to Seiji Hayami, he decides that she would be his next victim and follow her to the school she worked at and wait till the end of the day were he notices Mr. Nemoto coming out. He asks who the teacher he had seen earlier is and Nemoto gives him Jun's name. After Nemoto had left he changes his appearance to resemble Nemoto and goes to look for Jun. He finds and asks her to follow him into a classroom, he shuts the door and grabs her breasts from behind. Jun flips him over her head as he transforms into his real skin, he again leaps at her but misses and Jun throws him out a window.

Later after the attack Jun stays at Hayami's house, Seiji goes down stairs but is knocked out by the face changing Devilman who takes his jacket and transforms himself to resemble Hayami. He goes to the building and sees Jun tidying up the place, she says that she was going to take a shower. However she had sensed he was not the real Hayami and waited for him to go inside before stabbing him with some bullets from the BB Enzyme Gun, and he turned back into his human form, stopping his perverted reign of terror.