Unnamed Purple Demon
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Devilman: The Demon Bird
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Scythe Arms
Alignment Evil

The Purple Demon was a minor demon from Devilman: The Demon Bird.


The demon may once have been a woman due to it having a vaugely feminine body with breasts, however the rest of the demon is quite different having tentacles placed in various areas of the body, two large scythes were its hands should be and a head that had its mouth and eyes inside its mouth. On its slightly phalic like tail was a third small eye.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

The large scythes on her arms could presumeably be used for attack, aswell as her snapping mouth.


After being badly beaten by Devilman the she demoness Sirene begs lord Zennon to send her some back up to try and stop Devilman, he does so in the form of Kaim and a horde of lesser demons, one  of which was this unnamed Demon that was possibly a woman at one point. It was the first to attack and the first to be killed by Devilman.

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