Unnamed Shuttle Demon
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Flight
Alignment Good
For other versions of this character see:
Unnamed Shuttle Demon (OVA)
The Unnamed Shuttle Demon was a gigantic fusion of many demons that fused to go into battle against God.


It was colossal in size, resembleing a somewhat phalic arrowhead with three pointed tails at the back. Up close the face, tendrils and body parts of thousands of demons.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Its unkown if it had any special abilites other than flight, but its power was presumeably enhanced by Satan.



As the Angels had been ambushed and were being massacred by the demons around them they flee and summon God. Once he comes down, Satan commanding the Shuttle flies at God with an army of demons in tow to attack God.

Devilman: Fallen Angel:Edit

The Shuttle Demon is again seen as Ryo Asuka has nightmares about his true origin, the Shuttle Demon crashes from the ground and goes into flight.

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