Unnamed Three-Headed Flying Demon
Tumblr my17v1tzB91qa2t6ho1 250
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Devilman: The Birth
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Flight
Alignment Neutral
The Unnamed Three-Headed Flying Demon was a minor character briefly seen and exclusive to the first Devilman OVA Devilman: The Birth.


She had a mostly blue color scheme, large bat like wings with a purple underlay, several tentacles were dotted around the body, one head had a large beak with big yellow eyes. the central head resembled a human woman with deformed breasts sharp long teeth and messy white hair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is shown only to be able to fly.


She is seen as a part of the group of demons that massacre the Angels who came down to the Earth during the Cretaceous era of Japan, She flew after an Angel and tried to kill it, but was wiped out by the Angels blast.

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