Unnamed Vine Demoness
Devilman v01c05 p227
Vital statistics
Titles Unknown
Gender Unknown
Age Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Unknown
Powers Unknown
Alignment Unknown
For other versions of this character see:
Jurad (Grimoire)

The Unnamed Vine Demoness is a minor female demon from the original Devilman manga.


The Vine Demoness is a large humanoid female with a completely white color scheme, she has several tentacles coming from various places on her body, she has no facial features other than her wide open jagged  mouth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She could elongate any part of her body and use her tentacles to rip her foes apart.


Shortly after Akira Fudo had turned into the titular Devilman after fusing with the demon Amon he goes on a rampage killing demons, one of these demons was the Vine Demoness who gets punched through the stomach by Akira, splitting her in half.


  • Whilst not really noteworthy on hr own, she appears in the manga Devilman Grimoire but is named Jurad, which in the Devilman manga is the name of another minor demon from the origonal manga who appears much later on in the story.

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