Vital statistics
Name Urigaros
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Neutral
Alignment Unknown
Urigaros was a minor insect-like demon from the original Devilman, he briefly appeared in a vision when Akira Fudo's wore the Demon Mask.


Urigaros was a small humanoid demon he had insect like features primarily on his face including a small pair of mandibles, some antenna, and large glassy compound eyes. He had long thin arms with spikes placed halfway between the elbow and forearm. It had a slightly wide body supported by muscular legs.


Urigaros is very briefly seen by the young human Akira Fudo when he sees the savage visions spurred on by the Demon Mask. He was among a large group of demons including: Onkazar, Kobik, Groff and Eztumn who are being attacked by a larger group of demons.



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