Vital statistics
Name Urutph
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Unknown
Alignment Evil
Urutph was a small sadistic demon from the origonal Devilman.


Urutph was a small humanoid demon, his skin was wrinkled and sunken, he had a large gapeing mouth with huge sharpend jagged teeth. He had sunken eyes and a pair of short antenna.


Despite his very short appearence, Urutph is shown to be a highly sadistic and cruel demon.


Urutph was discoverd by a young teen girl who follows a trail of blood to find a dismembered man with a large lump standing over him, the girl screams and the lumps turns to reveal its horrific demonic features, Urutph laughs at her before doing the same to her.


  • Urutph is commonly mistaken with the demon Agwel, both of which share a very close appearence and appear in the same story arc.

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