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    A Possible Chronology

    October 18, 2014 by Painocus

    This is an expansion of something I posted elsewhere on here. Just an attempt to propose a cohesive, hypothetical timeline that incorporates what we know from Devilman, Devilman Lady, Akuma Kishi and AMON as well as, potentially, Demon Lord Dante. However, to make the God of Dante and Devilman Lady consistent, Medusa must have been wrong in her assertion that God was just an alien. Things based purely on Dante is in italic.

    • God creates the universe.
    • God creates the titans.
    • Titans rebel. God throws them in Hell.
    • God creates the demons.
    • God attack them in his Gods forms to implant part of himself in them.
    • Some of them mutate on contact with the Gods, a battle breaks out and God throws them in a mountain.
    • Demon Lord Dante: Surviving supports of the dem…
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    Posting this here partially as a back-up. I'm not sure how much (if any?) this strains fair-use so I might have to move it later.

    P = page
    F = frame

    There is a Darkness there --
    A closed world where darkness reigns.
    (T/N: The "darkness" (暗黒) used here is a different word than the "Darkness" (闇) used in the preceding and following sentences. 暗黒 is a literal darkness; as in the lack of light. 闇 is a more metaphysical or metaphorical darkness.)

    In the world of Darkness there are also life-forms,
    who find pray with their own luminescence,
    who sense enemies by heat and sound,
    who read thoughts with telepathy.

    -- These life-forms waged a terrible war of the survival of the fittest.

    The violent battle evolved them!

    For it heightened their…

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    April 15, 2014 by Painocus

    As I've said elsewhere I recently got vol. 1 and 2 of MANDALA which means part 1 and 2 of Akuma Kishi. I haven't started trying to decipher much the dialogue, but the plot appears to be as described on that article. I've taken a few pictures (mostly focusing on the characters). I'll try to take some better pictures later when I have better lighting options and someone to help me hold the pages flat.

    Continuity-wise it is clearly intended to tie in to the original Devilman (regardless of if it should be considered in the same canon as Amon or not), but their is one weird thing: What I assume to be God has a human-looking form here (although it may just be a representative of his) and all other Angelic creatures appear as normal humans as we…

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    Finally I was able to track down a copy of book five of the Bilingual series and decided to go through it and the one I own already (three) and compare with the online version of the original edition.

    The bilingual versions are a printing of the Deluxe edition, but with the colour pages in black and white. They are divided into chapters based on story arc rather than length, whereas the original edition didn't have chapters.

    Volume 3 has a new front cover featuring Jeanne d'Arc with Devilman's profile in the background and an image of Agwel on the back. The volume starts with the Shin Devilman stories. For some reason the Jeanne story have been moved in front of the Hitler story, which causes the continuity confusion you'd expect. If anythin…

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    Breakthrough! There are essentially only 3 variants of the Devilman manga:

    Probably identical to how it was published in magazines. The scanlations online are based on this version (specifically the 1972 one), except the "Great War of the Gods" and "Sirene" colour chapters included in some uploads, like the Mangafox one.

    The 1993 version is an almost identical reprint of the 1972 version. The easiest noticeable difference is Kodansha's logo in the top-left corner of the front being written with kanji instead of the latin alphabet.

    • 1972, 1978, 1983, 1993, 2000 (3 volumes), 2004
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