As I've said elsewhere I recently got vol. 1 and 2 of MANDALA which means part 1 and 2 of Akuma Kishi. I haven't started trying to decipher much the dialogue, but the plot appears to be as described on that article. I've taken a few pictures (mostly focusing on the characters). I'll try to take some better pictures later when I have better lighting options and someone to help me hold the pages flat.

Continuity-wise it is clearly intended to tie in to the original Devilman (regardless of if it should be considered in the same canon as Amon or not), but their is one weird thing: What I assume to be God has a human-looking form here (although it may just be a representative of his) and all other Angelic creatures appear as normal humans as well.

I'm a bit too tiered right now to think of much more to write, but I may add more later.

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