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  • Spellbinder666

    So reason to be happy, Devilman G is finally getting translated. Its being done by a group called mangalism, who i havent heard of before but they seem to be fans of the series so its all good. Pretty sure they got a few notes from the wiki aswell ;). 

    Currently i cant find it online, but if you type in the groups name online you can easily find their site and downlad it from there.

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  • Spellbinder666

    Question to any of the viewers out there, do you think it would be worthwhile to add the japanese katakana and kanji names to the character infoboxes? I was thinking about it for a while and it does look very good on the Mazinger Wiki infoboxes.

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  • Spellbinder666

    Sup peoples, some of you may have noticed i have been going through the origonal manga and adding all the pages not yet added to the wiki, quite a few major pages to actually like the gang and i hevent even touched Rainuma yet. I will however be taking a break as im currently reading the origonal Getter Robo.

    Anyways in terms on new manga i have read on a few sources that we may be getting a new Devilman Grimoire manga, the only place thats said this in English however is Random Raws (Which i where i download much of my Go Nagai stuff from). If you wanna read it just look it up it isnt hard to find. So how do you guys feel about a second part of Devilman Grimoire. Do you love it? Hate it? Prefer something new?

    Just to be clear this is only r…

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  • Spellbinder666

    A list of translated translated Devilman manga and anime, if you spot one missing please add it, but remember it has to have been translatted into english.


    • Devilman

    • Devilman: One Summer Day

    • Devilman Lady

    • Devilman Grimoire (Incomplete)

    • Devilman: The Divine Comedy (Doujinshi by CLAMP)

    • Shin Devilman/Unnamed short side story

    • Neo Devilman

    • Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman

    • Devilman; Strange Days…

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  • Spellbinder666

    Future Pages

    January 31, 2014 by Spellbinder666

    Images to go along with future pages, any help with this would be greatly appreciated. 

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