The raws for the final chapter of Takato Rui's Devilman Grimoire have just come online and they are great, The last chapter was somewhat boring with little action (but it was nice to see dorango again) it was all build up for the next chapter, however it pays off brilliantly with a battle between a VERY pissed off Godzilla size Amon and Zennon. And it ends really dam nicely, Zennon/Utsugi is revealed not to be a real bad guy and was fighting in what he belived, kinda like how Satan was fighting for what he belived in Devilman, on top of that everyone lives and gets a nice send off, plus Tsubasa is shown in a sirene/Kaimu mix and is good again. A nice callback to the tv series was shown with a breif cameo from Miho which was nice. 

It leaves you wanting more but still makes you think it ended nicely.

So now that its finished please someone translate, this and the Shin Mazinger stuff really need someone to translate as all the raws are readibly availible online. I am thinking to start a petiton which i could send to Happyscans or another site that readily translate Nagai type manga, if anyone has any thought on that i may go ahead with the idea.

If anyone wants to download the chapter check out Random Raws. 

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