okay so i just read the latest Grimoire chapter and all i can say is that its full of many WTF moments of both good and bad, for a start about a dozen interesting and likeable charecters are all killed off and there isnt enough time for their death to give much impact (excludeing the last one) and some of them feel really rushed such as the girl with the face on her chest comes back only to be killed by Meriken jo and Miki's freinds who turn into devilmen, also their devilman forms simply confuse me, Chayako looks like medusa, Jo must be razuba and the blonde chick is just insane looking. Also Coco dante's assistant turns into a massive armoured centaur which looks kind of silly but cool at the same time, one very good devilman reveal though is Jun but she dosent turn into the devilman you think she would, also violence jack appears, but only as a disguise for vuvura who also gets killed, i was right about the guy with glasses turning into Kaimu who kills Tsubasa but he starts to cry and merges with her turning into what i think is Ashura from Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman before wandering away dazed. Some of the redisgns also confuse me also especially Dremoon who looks horrible, the origonal from the anime looked like an awsome elvis presly vampire, and ends up looking like a football mascot luckily he's only on two panels. oh and Desupuro and Flowber die too so a few more nice charecters get killed, and in the whole chapter Akira is seen in the final panel with the chick who served lacock now looking after him in a log cabin?

On the whole whilst i find it hard not to enjoy Devilman G there were things in this that annoyed me and felt kind of rushed, and despite having a return last chapter Dorango still hasent returned (this really only is going to annoy me as he is my fave side charecter X( ), i also wander who the next main bad guy will be, Lacock gets killed Miki style, Muzan was killed a while back, zannin was the demon merged with Himura, Zann was killed in a flashback, Sirene was killed way way back, Vuvura and Tsubasa both die this chapter and satan was only a minon for Muzan so i have no idea who the next main villian will be, maybe Archangel Mikael or Cadney or even God prehaps, anyone have any ideas?

if you want to download the chapter check out the site Random Raws.

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