Ushuku Masao is a exclusive character to the 2004 Devilman: Live Action film.


Ushuku is a slightly chubby teen in his late teens. He had brown eyes and her hair is combed back in a mullet like fashion, with coloured braids entwined in it.


Despite origonally victimiseing Akira, after being assulted by Ryo Asuka he begs frogivness with Akira and strikes up a freindship with him.


Ushuku had previously bullied Akira in school, however when Ryo had heard of this he cut of several of Ushuku's fingers with secateurs. Afterwards Ushuku became friends with Fudo and took up an interest in painting, however all his paintings seem to be horrific renditions of Ryo. Ushuku continued to hang around with Akira as he began drifting away from Ryo until he is attacked by the turtle demon Jinmen (Film) in broad daylight and is eaten.

Akira eventually finds him in the centre of Jinmen's shell and is forced to kill, thankfully killing Jinmen at the same time.