The Vatican Commander
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers None
Alignment Misguided Good

The unnamed commander of the Vatican was a minor character from Amon: The Darkside of Devilman. He was the head of the European branch of the Anti-Demon Corps.


The man appeared to be in either his late sixties or early seventies, he had long white hair and beard. He wore an army uniform with crosses on the shoulders. He was quite tall, towering over his regular sized assistant.


He first appears shortly after Amon had escaped from Akira Fudo's domination and starts to spread around the world. This is seen on the computer at the Vatican and the Commander is called in. He notices that it occurred in Japan and was starting to spread, he scoffs at Japan's Demon Busters saying that if it came down to it that The Vatican would be humanity's last line of defense.

However Amon eventually reached Italy and absorbed the Vatican. the Commander comes by to see the wreckage and slowly goes insane, he is then confronted by his assistant who had fused with a demon. He taunts the Commander before being shot by him, the Commander then goes to a missile base and now having completely lost his sanity fire's a barrage of missiles into Japan.

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