Vital statistics
Name Vishvalic
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Flight, powerful jaws, telepathy, teleportation
Alignment Evil
For other versions of this character see:
Vishvalic (OVA)
Vishvalic (Grimoire)
Vishvalic (Geki-Man)

Vishvalic was a minor recurring demon first seen in the original Devilman. He is a member of the gigantic flying demon armada that attacks Tokyo shortly after Zennon reveals the existence of the demons to the world.


Vishvalic was a humanoid demon, his body was covered in veins and has what look like spines sticking out of his back, legs and arms. He has a pointed nose and atop his head, he has a massive mouth layered with sharp teeth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vishvalic was able to fly and bite down and attack with the large mouth on his head. He was also telepathic and could teleport.



Shortly after the existence of the demons was revealed to the world by Zennon, a massive armada of flying demons swarmed Tokyo. Among them was the demon Vishvalic who went on a bloodthirsty rampage alongside his demon brethren.

Later on as Psycho Jenny swarms the home of Ryo Asuka alongside a large group of demons among them was Vishvalic who watches as Psycho Jenny restores his true memories as Satan.

Devilman LadyEdit

Vishvalic briefly returns in Hell meaning he was killed at some point off panel in the original Devilman. He is seen in the shadows alongside several other demons that attack Jun Fudo. Later on she thinks about Vishvalic and other demons after her encounter with them.



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