DLADY08 067
Vital statistics
Name Vlava
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Super Strength
Alignment Evil
For other versions of this character see:
Vlava (Grimoire)

Vlava was a mighty and ferocious demon and a major antagonist of Devilman Lady who lived only for war. He was the leader of an army based after his namesake. His might was later told in the legend of the Japanese Yokai the Kudan.


Vlava was a massive humanoid demon. His head slightly resembled a cow's, with large horns and a stubbed nose. He had spikes going across his upper body and many sharpened teeth. He had three eyes and a short tail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vlava had vast amounts of strength and was able to kill demons with ease. And was even able to tussle with a giant sized Akira Fudo.


Vlava was a ferocious demon but had calm attitude and often allowed his underlings to do his work for him. He was a great schemer and was partially responsible for the Devilman and Beast emergence in recent years.


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