Waze was a minor insect demon seen in the Birth OVA.


Waze resembled a cross between a stag beetle and a sauropod like dinosaur. He had a large pair of spiked mandibles on his jaws, he had large sets of teeth in both of his mouths, he had a brown shell around his head and a pair of wings protruding from the back of his neck, the rest of his body was lizard like with green scales.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Waze had a pair of incredibly strong mandibles, and he may have been able to fly with his wings but guessing from his size its unlikely he could.


Waze is seen briefly after Akira Fudo had donned the Demon Mask. He snuck up on the butterfly demoness Irufuno and attacks her, she escapes but is injured by anther demon. She crashes to the ground and Waze follows her only to be devoured by Irufuno who had fused with another demon and is compressed down until he explodes.