Welvath in Devilman Grimoire

is a female demon, infamous for her face adorned breasts and tentacle like eye. In almost all incarnation's she is the first demon to be killed by Amon posessed Akira.
  • Welvath (Manga): The first demon to be killed by Akira Fudo after his rebirth as Devilman.
  • Welvath (OVA): Following the same fate as the manga, Welvath is slain by Akira moments after forming.
  • Welvath (AMON): Welvath appears twice, once on a TV broadcast and a second time in a flashback to the rave massacre.
  • Welvath (Grimoire): A servant of Coulcure that was partenered with the demoness Naza.
  • Welvath (Gekiman): Following a slightly abbreviated version of her brief tale in the original manga, Welvath has a redesigned appearance with and increased size and a alligator headed penis-like appendage between her legs. 
  • Welvath (Crybaby): This version has the biggest titties.