Xeed was a minor gorgon like demon who showed up a few times in the original Devilman manga.


Xeed was a humanoid demon with several snakes at the top of his head giving the appearance of a Gorgon from Greek mythology, his body is covered in thick scales and had long sharp fingernails.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Xeed presumably used the snakes in his head and his long claws for combat, like all demons he had the ability to merge with any object organic or not.


Xeed was originally seen in a flashback whilst Ryo Asuka was explaining the origins of the demon race to his friend Akira Fudo.

Later after Sirene was badly injured in a lengthy battle with Devilman she flees and begs for lord Zennon to send help, he responds and sends down a small army of demons to assist her, among them was Xeed who attempts to attack Devilman but has his arm ripped off in the process and presumably dies.