Zann is one of Lord Zennon's 100 demon generals, himself being the leader of the 100 Demon Army. He possesses a great number of abilities and is a powerful demon warrior. Zann is mentioned more times than he actually appears, but still proves to be a threat to Akira and his friends.


In his normal form, Zann is a large demon standing about several meters tall. His appearance is far more like a traditional demon: his body is covered in a thin brown fur except for his hands, feet, head, and upper chest. His upper chest is covered in a shell resembling armor; on this shell is a large mouth in the center and four eyes going along the top. On his head are several horns, and he has a spiked tail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The true extent of Zann's power is never fully shown. It's known he could fly, but due to his short appearances he never gets to fully display his power.


Like his direct superior Zennon, despite his immense power, Zann prefers to let his minions do his dirty work rather than fight himself, such as the demons Raspber and Jinmen. That being said, he is shown to be loyal to his master Satan, even if it meant displeasing his soldiers.


After Akira Fudo had beaten Masa, Dosu-Roku, Manjiro, Meriken-Jo and Tetsu in a very brief fight atop the school they are confronted by a strange looking girl who asks if they want a chance to beat Akira in a fight, they agree with some reluctance and she suddenly explodes into spiders which posses the gang.

They hunt down Akira, and find him in a classroom talking to Miki Makimura they again battle, but Akira takes care not to hurt them to badly as the had only been possessed and not fully taken over by the demons. After dealing with them they pledge their allegiance to Akira and join him in his quest against the demons, which is useful as almost immediately after they are surrounded by the schools sports teams who had all been possessed by spider demons as well, Akira tells the gang to protect Miki as he goes off to search for the spider hivemind. He finds a demon in a disguise replicating Akira, with a massive spider atop his head. Akira took a swing at  the demon but it suddenly disappears, and all the possessed humans suddenly stand still as the spiders controlling them detach themselves and fly off into the sky. In the Original Edition they form into a gigantic projected image of Zann, who mockingly laughs at Akira before disappearing. In the Deluxe Edition on the other hand, it attacks Miki and the gang. In the ensuing battle it reveal itself to have been the demon Rasber, rather than Zann.

A long while later after Zennon had announced the existence of the demon race to the human kind and had announced their imminent attack, Akira went out into the wasteland to do battle with demons. He killed many before being knocked down by attack from one of Psycho Jennys psychic attacks. He is quickly surrounded by a large group of demons that are about to kill him for different reasons but with a common goal of revenge. However they are stopped in their tracks when Zann comes down from the sky and tells them that their leader wanted him alive, Ryibyi a leaf covered demon however says he would ignore him (assuming Zann to be talking about Zennon) and should kill him anyway but Zann shocks them all when he says the order came from Satan himself, thanks to this Fudo lived.