210px-Zenon CB world
Vital statistics
Name Zennon
Kanji 魔王ゼノン
Kana まおう ゼノン
Hepburn maō zenon
First Appearance CB Chara Go Nagai World
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Flight
Alignment Neutral
For other versions of this character see:
Zennon (Disambiguation)
Zennon was the second in command of the demon army, he served Satan and was built up from the Demon Clean Up Squad.


Majorly toned down from his basis incarnation, Zennon was large, grey fured and slightly tubby. He had large red bat-like wings, a face on his chest and two more heads either side of a main centeral head, which never gets seen. He also had a large horn.

Powers and AbilityEdit

Due to his minute screen time, Zennon is only seen breifly in flight.


Zennon is first seen in a fantasy of Jinmen's as he thinks about being knighted by Zennon for having killed Devilman.

Later the Demon Clean Up Squad fuse together into Zennon, however they realise that they were missing their centeral face,  Akira holding the leader who made up the main face in his hand chucks him out the window, causeing Zennon to fly after him.

Trivia Edit

  • During the scene that he appears in, Akira Fudo mentions Zennon giving him a hard time "in the original work". Although, at first, this might imply that Akira and Zenon had fought each other before, it is more likely that this is a reference to the final arc of the manga.

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