Vital statistics
Name Zenon
First Appearance Episode 4
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Unknown
Alignment Formerly Good
For other versions of this character see:
Zennon (Disambiguation)

Zenon was one of Dante 's best friends who eventually betrayed him by siding with God.


In human form, Zenon has white hair and green eyes. As the Demon Beast, he seems to have inherited some design aspects from Zannin while retaining a good resemblence towards his manga counterpart.


​Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Unlike his manga counterpart who sided with God so the demons could survive, he initially joined God's side out of cowardice.
  • In the Discotek Media release, this version of the character's name is simply spelled as "Zenon" which, in retrospect, greatly helps to distinguish Xenon from Devilman and Zenon from Mao Dante.


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